Meadow Creek Park Emergency Planning and Information 

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 One of the main drop-down sites you may wish to begin 'surfing' is: Click here

​A wonderful resource with downloadable PDF's and more info can be found at: Bellingham Earthquake info.

    Interested in what activity - month to month - the state Warning Center has issued? Click here

    Disaster assistance: Click Here

     Info on enhanced 911 system: Click Here

      Training and exercises: Click Here

After you surf around a little bit on these sites you will see there are TONS of things the state is doing to prepare for a state wide disaster. Much of the information the state and the Federal Government gathered from our June 2016 Cascadia Rising disaster simulation is now being incorporated into new and enhanced response and recovery structures. One of the items to come out of this June 2016 simulation was the need for better communication and training for our neighborhood 'first responders' such as myself. Weekly HAM radio tests, training sessions, monthly meetings etc all add to enhance the fiber and structure of neighborhood level support when emergency services will be stretched to their maximum. Personally I have now become more integrated into the system by being tasked with badging and certification in surrounding areas like Kirkland, Redmond, and most recently Everett/Edmonds as well as Skagit county Emergency management systems. 

I have an entire book of 'stuff' to add to this site, and will begin doing so as I have time. Enjoy this site , and please let all our neighbors know of this WEB page. It might have only a smattering of disaster preparedness content on it, but this should not be your last stop in a quest for any emergency preparedness activities you do. This page is meant to give a 'quick' and 'thought provoking' view for preparing - but more in depth assistance, and/or assistance you feel is pertinent to you and your specific family needs should be sought out on'line. There is WAY more information out there then you might imagine. 

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