Meadow Creek Park Emergency Planning and Information 

This site has been dedicated to survival 'products'. It has been driven into us that we need to be prepared for disasters. Many of the items you would need to keep on hand don't have a shelf life. We build 'Go Bags' (sometimes called 'Bug out bags) with 'hard goods' I will call them. We store 25 shelf life food supplies and perhaps keep water purifiers with filters that last years until actually needed.

But what about the things that wear out. We often don't consider - for instance - clothing. Sure, a 'Go Bag' should have a pair of sneakers (or boots - or both) and perhaps a hard hat and gloves. But what about just plain clothing as well as Personal care products - or yes - even beauty supplies. There are many items we need to change on a pretty consistent bases.  So here are at least some suggestions. To meet Amazon’s appropriate conduct standards: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

So now that the 'legal' stuff is done, here are links for many many products. Any updates to them will be done by Amazon itself. 

You will notice these are simply 'categories'. In most disasters individual areas of our home are destroyed or damaged. Even if it's a fire that is quickly contained by your local fire department there will be smoke/water damage to many - if not all - areas of your home. So it would be very helpful to have basic necessities - even business needs - covered with backup products.

But not even just for yourself. Ever sent clothes, supplies or toys in response to a disaster? In many cases money is the preferred donation needed. However in extreme weather conditions warm clothing or food (non-perishable), shelter or even cooking appliances might be in very short supply. Therefore this is the reasoning I had for even building this 'Miscellaneous Accessories' page to begin with.